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October 23, 2008



Jacob, you are awesome! You do great work everyday and I am sure there is more to come! What a blessing God has given us in you. What a team he has made in you and Jennifer! God ROCKS!!


BLESSINGS TO YOU JACOB, YOUR ENTHUSIASM AND LOVE FOR OUR LORD JESUS IS CONTAGIOUS!JUST WANT TO BE AS UPBEAT AS YOU ARE EVERY DAY! YOU ARE COMPLETE IN J.C.! THANKS FOR DOING SUCH A GOOD JOB OF REFLECTING HIM TO EVERYONE YOU MEET!HOPE YOU WILL NEVER LEAVE US!YOUR FAMILY IS COMPLETE IN HIM. By the way it took David's brother and his wife 11 years to conceive and now their daughter, Rachel Marie is a fine Christian & in med school to become a surgeon!!!details later!!!

Bobby Lepinay

Thanks for the good job Jacob......I often think about you as a 5 year old praying behind Bro Ken, and at just how blessed I am to be a part of your story.

To much 'fruit that remains' for our King,


Carolyn Ongalo

Ok I'm adding to the count :) We love you Jacob! It is a blast serving at Harvest, we love the people. Most of all we love being a part of a team committed to building God's Kingdom.

mike & gin

Jacob needs 13 more comments
to keep up with Jennifer! ;-}

Bob Holmes

Thanks for sharing! The teamwork is incredible. Harvest Rocks!

Lara Moore

Can't join in from Birmingham, but I can lift you all up in prayer! Jacob, after knowing you for 25 years now (yes, we met in the infant nursery!), I can honestly say what a beautiful blessing it is to have watched the Hand of God in your life! Love to you & Jennifer, both!

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