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October 16, 2008



Looks like men and women do have something in common! They like PB's blog being hijacked by you Jennifer! And, there's just something about steppin' out in a new pair of shoes!


What we really want to know is if jacob won any cool points for the slick compliment? ;)

Love you guys!


Hey, you made history as the most responed to post! PB better watch out! Congrats! Harvest is truly blessed to have you Jennifer!

Sheryl Braun

so is that a pic of the shoes you bought? gotta love next day shipping!

Her Husband

. . Nope, I don't need to style her hair. . .Why mess with perfection. . .:-)

cory Doerksen

You just made my day and made me home sick at the same time. Thanks for the laugh.

Carolyn Ongalo

You make me smile girl :) Hmmm buying shoes, sounds like you've been hanging around Debbie. Love you Jennifer, you're the bomb!


Such a wonderful little surprise, getting to read from Jennifer's point of view! I'm telling PB you need to hijack his blog more often. : )

Rachel Thurmond

Oh, Harvest wouldn't be Harvest without Jennifer. Friendly, funny and fantabulously fashionable :-) love you....


Hey Jennifer,
I kept Jennifer working late because I needed her to send my mens breakfast announcement out on the phone tree. She is always friendly, always happy! Thanks for all you do!


now I have this devious little snicker in the receses of my mind as I picture you starting your own blog and pied pipering all of PB's faithful readers to your site daily.

It was a total treat to read from ya girl!

Lara Moore

Jennifer, what a great surprise to check Bobby's blog and hear from you! Love & miss you guys!

Freddie Thronson

Who are you again? Do I know you?

mike & gin

And.....does your husband cook you wonderful
meals, because he's going to culinary school?


That's like people asking me if I get massages all the time. Right...

Dave Bixler

Keep up the good work! You are appreciated by Pastor Bobby & the congregation of Harvest. May the Lord Keep you & Bless you every day when your on the job. Thanks for filling in today. I enjoyed your writings.

amanda m

You are too much Jennifer.. lol.. :)

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