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October 28, 2008


Bob Holmes

You are unique among most pastors that I know. You have a deep integrity and fully integrate that into your life. Most have a deep integrity but haven't integrated it into their lives.
I'm so grateful for a pastor like you!!!

Jessica Gray

I completely agree with the spiritual blindness. I hope you got the prayer message from Dutch Sheets. It is very thorough and encouraging even if the wrong outcome is scary.If you have not please let me know where I can send it, we all must be praying for God's grace and Will, and I know you are.

Scott Ongalo

Yes Bobby, people are that shallow. I have come to realize that, and the fact that the media wants Obama to be president so bad that they are throwing out responsible journalism just to see him elected. I believe this is more of a spiritual blindness that is affecting otherwise intelligent people. This is the age we live in. Carolyn and I just shake our heads and say one more reason to keep your eyes on eternal matters.

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