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September 09, 2008


Rick Hubbell


McCain decided to get a little strategic and really pulled a radical move, covertly I might add. It caught the adversary temporarily unprepared, but they will recover quickly.

Nonetheless this appointment could prove to be a "Tipping Point". For those of you who may not have read the book "The Tipping Point" by Malcolm Gladwell, it is an academic but quite interesting read. It discusses how certain things turn on a dime, sometimes in counter-intuitive ways. There is some muck in there, but also some very interesting points.

The appointment of Palin to the ticket has energized the previously apathetic Republican base at a crucial time. But carrying through to the end, finishing well, is extremely difficult. Perhaps she will be given positive media coverage on the campaign trail, but because of the strength of her persona and the threat this brings, I doubt it.

Let's pray the candidates all have a fair chance to express themselves so people can cut past the fluff and catch a glimpse of what they are really about. Then let each voter decide, based on true-colors and not smoke and mirrors.

Let's stay prayerful and informed.


I agree that a President, much less any other elected official, must be a Christian for us to vote for them. As a matter of fact, there have been some Christians whose policies were so bad I voted AGAINST them! Integrity, political skill, good judgment, sound moral values are what we look for. I personally can never vote for someone who is pro-abortion, as having 3 kids, as well as knowing the clarity of the Scriptures on the matter, I know that life begins at conception and to me, to kill a fetus is no different than killing our elderly: They are both human beings. Thanks for the good thinking, JRPcola!


I certainly am not going to judge who is and isn't a Christian. I can only take him at his word. And Im not sure that being a Christian necessarily should be a prerequisite for President. Race will always be an issue in this country and the Republicans have sometimes used this in campaigns to divide us. As a person of mixed race who was initially supportive of George Bush, I felt betrayed when he visited Bob Jones University, an institution that profess to be God fearing , yet felt it necessarily to discriminate against blacks when it came to relationships.... So there is ugly behavior on both sides if were to keep score. I think the evangelical community would have more of an impact with non christians if the issues of poverty, inequity, racial discrimination, access to healthcare etc were priorities.. Jesus always seem to meet peoples needs, hurts and interests first..


Hey Shana...Miss you too! I was just thinking about you guys yesterday. You are right on Obama's statement, btw.

JRPcola, I was a registered Independant until about 5 years ago as well. It was too limiting in when you could vote, for me at least. The first Pres election I can remember really following was Carter/Reagan when I was a 'wee lad'. :) I think we just forget how much mud/smear goes on each time, as I can well recall that even back then. It is just the nature of politics: To win, then, to survive and be re-elected. On Obama's faith, that is pretty easy to figure out, as the church he was a member of for 20 years is a 'liberation theology' church that is more about racial issues than anything else, by and large. The church named Louis Farrakan "Man of the Year" a few years back, an avowed Muslim, hater of Israel, and of course, whites. THAT is what is sad to me, that people actually follow and celebrate that kind of thing......God's Grace to you....PB

Shana Smith

I watched that interview and he said "McCain has not said anything about my muslim faith...." and the guy who was interviewing him corrected him saying "you mean Christian faith??" lol. but i dont think he said anything about being proud of his muslim faith? did he?

miss yall pastor bobby!!


As a registered Independent I try to keep an open mind. I did see the interview in question with ABC news when the discussion came up about people who believe he is muslim. It's disappointing that there are those who continue to believe that this is truth. Im truly undecided about whom I should vote for but I would hope that we can judge a candidate on the merits. Im saddened by the tone of this election.


Eric, thanks for the link! Read about Vince coming to hang with you guys at your 'bar church'. What time is it on Tuesdays? Pooley and I need to come out there soon.

Walt, I heartily agree!

Jim, Scott, we definitely need mercy at this juncture. The Supreme Court is the 'formal' conscience of the nation, its decisions representing us for decades to come. The media is in a frenzy and it is hard to imagine this continuing another 2 months!


I listen to political talk radio throughout the day and the Palin factor has definitely been a "game changer". For those of us who are conservative and would have voted for McCain albeit reluctantly, considering his positions on open borders or campaign finance reform. Still, upon listening to Palin speak at the RNC last week, it ignited a spark of hope that heres a real conservative, an authentic person who still knows how to speak from her heart without parsing her words. She just made sense! McCain made sense picking her! My prayer is that we all work together to see McCain elected and the biggest reason, is the Supreme Court Judges that he will nominate. Grace and Mercy Lord for these next 2 months.

Walt Magaha

I just gonna say it.
Obama is straight trippin' if he thinks we still believe he's a Christian after that comment....

Jim MatherJIm

May God be merciful to us as a nation and a people.

Steve Brown

Palin rocks.

Eric Partin

I found it. I guess just doing a little search is all I needed to do. Here is a link:

Eric Partin

You can't just put in that Obama had a slip. We need references or links. We have to have facts to put up so I can use this and not just Bobby put it on his blog :) So where did you get that? Give us a link.
BTW, Love & Respect conference in 2 weeks in FWB.

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