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September 23, 2008



One of the best quotes we heard at Bible College when we moved to Pensacola was this: "Live Simply So Others Can Simply Live." Leaving Portland behind with the big fancy house and the big debt was truly liberating. When we learn to live on less we have more to give. Less is More. Truly challenging when the world shouts an opposite message.

David Bixler

Good thoughts, Pastor Bobby. With the shape of the economy, it is time that Christians in America call upon the Lord. Jeremiah did in Jeremiah 33:3. We should be praying for God's intervention in this crisis. God is our provider.


Those are good thoughts. I know we've been thinking along these lines, as have several of my "friends" in the blogosphere. With enough of us putting our brains and actions toward a real solution, maybe we can come up with a plan!

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