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August 27, 2008


Lonnie Ferguson

Wow... A true word spoken in season is like a balm for the soul. The song is still powerful, inspite of the deceptivness of the vessel that penned it. It seems that after such failures, noone ever attains their former "glory", even though they have apparently repented. We must do as Gods word says and pray for them, and restore them in a spirit of meekness.

Brandy Gottlieb

Hearing this news can definately bring disillusionment and disappointment. How many have turned on God because of witnessing similar experiences? And yet, God has not endorsed the mistakes. Hebrews goes onto say that we must run the race looking toward the prize - the author and finisher of our faith... the One who must define and strengthen who we are. Undoubtedly, so many have been touched and changed through these vessels - God honors our faith. The "prize" must be our focus. When our focus becomes anything less than that, we become poisoned by our pride and leashed by a critical spirit. God, give us grace and strength to run the race set before us in humility, passion and power!

Greg Bardin

Man, just keep your focus on Christ, not men. HE will never disappoint.

Fred F. McKinnon

I find myself having to battle it hard, Bobby. I can tell you, if we were in the fasting retreat this week, I'd be writing that word in ALL CAPS on the dry erase board.

Did you happen to see the article I wrote (it seems to be getting some national exposure, actually) re: Mike Gugglielmucchi over at TWC?

For the Kingdom,
Fred McKinnon

Chris Dufrene

It is especially important to remember this. In a time when so many churches/ministries have these larger than life personalities, we can forget the real personality behind it all, God the Father. Truthfully, the bigger they are the more Satan tries to get to them. Remember though, we should always approach these fallen ones with mercy, grace and LOVE. At some point we ALL fall, and we'll hope someone approaches us with the love we need at that time. Loving the Law of God doesn't mean there aren't consequences, there are. But we'll begin to love the laws of God when we realize they are there to protect us and prosper us, not prevent us from things. May God keep us from the cynicism that easily entangles us.

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