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August 07, 2008


Brian Hassett

im in a world that tries to take them away
oh but im taking them back
cause all this time ive just been too blind to understnad
what shopuld matter to me
my friend this life we live is not what we have it's what we believe


rachel thurmond

Our times are in HIS hands....


Angels are cool looking guys with dreads who are awesome athletes :-)


Sorry guys....wrong!! :)

Brian Hassett

Sorry Pastor Greg, I called it first!!! : )

Greg (PG)

I'm with Brian Hassett. "There might be more than you believe, there might be more than you can see."

Brian & Fawn

Brian & I were just talking about the subject of engaging worship the other day. He had this idea of exhibiting photos or video from a sporting event, concert, etc - the things we do in those environments (often time WAY beyond the "norm") and alternating with shots from worship services where people feel it is "weird" to engage. What a challenge for people to consider who is truly worthy and deserving of the adoration.

It was a great visual for me.

chris dufrene

i don't know what you r gonna use the song is awesome....really though, what is important is this....iPhone sighting!...u see it? lol

Brian Hassett

Text from the Bible or from the song???

I am banking on the song... here ya go.

"There might be more than you believe
There might be more than you believe
There might be more than you can see"

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