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August 28, 2008



Dear Pastor Bobby, I believe this song is about salvation. Dethroning sin and surrendering control to the Holy Spirit. Making a conscious choice to let CHRIST have contol of your life! Romans 8.

Brian Hassett

Pastor Bobby, I have put much thought into this answer I am going to give... But first, I must say that last God on the Billboards song, I diserved to win but i forgive you. no hard feeling... So, I do believe that Rachael Thurmond is right with the David and Absolom story in 2 Samuel 15... But I know i can not answer the same.
I think the song could be talking about Moses and his story and how he was not aloud into the promiseland... I think that is wrong.... but let me make a deal with you...

If no one gets this right this sunday I think that I shuld get the tickets anyways... I have been faitfully commenting on this blog for God on the Billboards and, I should have won last time anyways.... : )

I'll leave you with that... and I KNOW that you will make the right decission. : )

Eugene Joseph

If you are doing the "Rave" tix this week, I believe you will be coming from the Book of Daniel; talking about Nebuchadnezzar; & how he thought HE was the ruler of the world; & why he was cursed
SEE YA' SUNDAY (& tonight)


I am going to guess David and Absalom-2 Samuel 15.

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