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July 30, 2008


Jody Barham

Do you remember the place in the bible when King Saul called for David to come and play for him to sooth his tormented soul?.... What ever David was playing that particular day upset Saul so much that he threw a spear at David and nearly killed him. I'm confident he was playing country music. "~)

Dave Flaton

Stay strong my brother. I was not a cat person either and I love our cats. But don't bend for the country music man. The closest I get to country is Johnny Cash. Just like Texas is a country onto itself. Cash is in a genre all by himself. I do agree with Becca about Bluegrass, good stuff. It's like country musics' punk rock.


so sorry you wont be happy with the music in heaven, but i love you anyway.


Ahh...country...what I really love is the twangy bluegrass stuff...

jeff w.

i hear you pb . not!! a fan of country music myself .i can listen to pretty much anything except rap and country. i like to listen to christian hard rock.net but i will listen to soft jazz or something like that if i need to mellow out.

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