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June 25, 2008


Deborah Bixler

She will be fine--just an attack of satan and we have rebuked him in the name of Jesus!!!. She will have the best health as she drinks plenty of water and regains her strength with our Lord's help. He does His part and she will do her part!!!


Please know that Brittany (and your entire family) is in my deepest prayers. Take good care. Love, Libby

Henry Judy

Know that Darlene and I as well as all of Life Point Church are praying for Brittany and a full quick recovery.
Henry Judy

Honoray Joseph

You guys are near and dear to my heart. I have covered her with some serious prayer brother. Keep us informed as she is restored to perfect health.

Big h.

rachel thurmond

We are praying with you all....
much love....

Jim Mather

As a nurse I suspect she had a "Vaso vagal" response as she changed position coming out of the ER. She had the IV's which initially made her feel better than with a change in position the Blood pressure dropped and perhaps stimulated a nerve response to lower the heart rate suddenly... in other words as you said she is going to get better without any long term problems.... God knows and with the prayers of the saints she is on her way to the best health of her life...

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