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June 02, 2008



Bobbie when we get back am am with you the surf kayaking. I have always wanted to do that. I really wish I could have seen Will play the keytar, that must have been memorable.
Congratulations on the wedding coming up, I hope we will be back for it. (that is if we are invited)

Robert Pooley

Congrats to Michael and Courtney... that is very cool.

Indy? Ehhh... I make it the third best of the 4 installments.

Dave Bixler

Debbie & I went last Friday saw it at Carmike 10. We liked it. We both agreed that it is the best of the four. You will like it, lots of action.

Brian Hassett

Pastor bobby,
your message last night was right on!!
SEriously, it was exactly what I needed...
I was with russel after church and I told him that and he said, "O man! I know what you mean." and he brout up something from your message that I didn't really, "hear."
I was like, "o, he said that?" ; )
AndI told him what I got out o it, Russel said,"he said that."

Anyways, an awesome word last night! It was great!

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