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May 27, 2008


Jim Mather

Thanks Bobby for keeping the main thing the main thing.
Jim Mather

Dave Bixler

Harvest is Awesome! Would not change to any other church. Everything is just right.
We are worshipping, praising & serving The Lord Jesus Christ not man.


Ooooooh. Well put.


A GOOD soap box! Well said!


When I first visited Harvest (when I was dating Dave) back in 2003, I was honestly a little scared. I had heard about these "Seeker-sensitive" churches, and I wanted nothing to do with a church that compromised the message. But I was so incorrect about Harvest. Once I heard the message and met the genuine people and felt the difference, I got it. When you're focused on the big picture, there's no time for those insignificant and trivial things that I had become used to in church. I totally get it. I just don't understand how everyone who visits Harvest doesn't get it.

Brian Hassett

If thats not edgy enough I dont know what is... : )
Awesome stuff. I know how you feel because I witness it first hand. Watch people leave becaue they are not being fed.... they are on another level.. they need a revival church

but they forget what Harvest is about. Delivered to be a deliverer. Harvest at the RAVE is a mission feild!! HELLO! It is THE mission field. That is why I believe serving is soo stressed.

I think some misunderstand what our church is about..

GREAT post Pastor Bobby.

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