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May 06, 2008



I would think you would go to the class to help her lose those lbs! Sometimes a little support helps others. Just a thought. The analogy was excellent though.


Good Stuff. Kinda like the flipside of that. Never trust a skinny cook. And on the subject of tight clothing. Yeah I think clothing companies should not make certain styles in certain sizes, it is just not good for anyones welfare.


Excellent (and timely) analogy. Thanks.


Good point, PB...good comparison to how we live our spiritual life. On the other hand, you may not know how much the 'Latin dance workout' has already worked for her. : ) But yes, tight is bad...layers are goooood... : )

Brian Hassett

good blog Pastor Bobby...
It is like buying a diet book by some famous celebrity who is overwheight himself.
Just not what people are looking for.

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