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April 28, 2008


Melanie Larson

I thought your message on Sunday night was especially good. And I had to tell you...we ended up going to eat at Sonny's after church! :-)


This is sad news for us as well. Tash and I have felt Gods tug on our lives. (all the way back to Canada. We have been well updated by friends and your blog PB. We have enjoyed the Incredibles series back in Winnipeg. Podcasts are a beautiful thing. God bless the Walker family you will be missed...

Dave Bixler

This will be a loss for Harvest. Spent 4 good years in Norfolk. It is a Blessed City & area. Pastor Craig & Family will be a Blessing to Norfolk & it Many Churches. Will be in prayer for them.

Jim Mather

Wow! That is big news for Craig and his family to Va. I will certainly be in prayer for them and for you of course.

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