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April 07, 2008


Robert Pooley

Stop writing on your hand? Nah, that's not going to happen.


aw dad you cant stop the note on the hand thing! then ill be the only one left in the family who does it. as im writing this, my hand is full of notes and reminders haha..people make fun of me for it here :) they just dont realize how convenient it is to have it right there in front of you!


We did the same thing our first time in L.A. Parking cost us around $30, drinks were $16 and a little cheese plate with a few crackers was $18. But it was a beautiful view, and time well spent just the two of us together.

Jim Mather

$42 for parking makes sense if they provide a space for a tent and don't mandate check in at the hotel. That is pretty outrageous. Who gets the money? The hotel/ The city??? Probably everyone takes $5 and splits it up.

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