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March 31, 2008



WOW! I have MISSED you all!!!! I've been OOT in sooooooooo many ways. (I haven't had internet in months, but that's a long, boring story.) It's over two years I left P'cola to move back home to sweet home Alabama. What am I glad about? I have a NEW GRANDBABY! My first. His name is Ayden Marx Segrest. My son and his girlfriend (bride to be I hope!) are in P'cola, so I'll be down often. : ) And I'll be taking Britney, Ayden, and I'm TRUSTING tha God will use this baby to bring my son, Dustin, back to His Heart. I'm also happpy, I have a new home; a little country home of my own ... ahhhhh .... P&Q! I'm sad that I'm still to find a church to attend. BUT I thank God that He has me in close friendships with solid believers. He is so faithful. All of you who are blessed to be in P'cola, attending HOC, KNOW you ARE BLESSED.

jeff wise

i was taught to look up instead of down, to smile when you want to frown, and last but not least: someone you may or may not know has it alot worse then you .as far as cory and natasha go, well they should just come back through mexico. then they would get health care and a driver liscences and would not have to worry about INS ever again. it is very unfair what is going on !! i wish them the best .


I think sometimes those of us who are melancholies are apt to think the cycles mean something bad is going on. When, in reality, it's just a "thing" that will pass just like everything else. Too much information? Ah well...

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