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March 19, 2008


Christy Soares

I absolutely loved this video announcement. Unfortunately I couldn't make it due to Lexi's tonsillectomy. But, the quality of media at our Church is bar none the BEST!!! Thank you to Harvest and all the teams that make our one hour of God-filled and Christ-centered worship the best!!!


I missed it during video announcements and then didn't get it b/c I had never seen the commercials before. Now I know how really funny it is! Way to go guys. That was great.

Cara Dufrene

that is great

Cara Dufrene

that is great

jeff wise

i like the ad w/ the sound effects guy. :) if you watch real close you will see the other guy try not to laugh. the other is with littile richard.

Robert Pooley

loved it... helps knowing what a fabulous lady Betty is...

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