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March 13, 2008


Thomas G

I pray that Harvest will bring many to the table of victory over the evil one! I pray that thirsty people will walk in heavy from worry, strife, and doubt. May the children of God who witness the Big Let Down series walk freely through Pensacola trampling demons! HEY! a short responce! I knew I could do it!

Christ's Servant,


Jim Mather

500,000 emails, man that' a lot of typing :)


Hey Pastor B,

Good series topic I must say. A Brother and I have been looking at the "way of the master" materials and it has impressed on me more than before about how so many come to the Lord with the misconception of being happy all the time. When the storms of life come they walk away from the faith. Once people are given the true Gospel of Christ Crucified and the change in relationship with accepting what he did, they are then changed from death to LIFE, and then they will be prepared for the so-called "BIG LET DOWNS". These are times of growth and so many times the "let down" periods are due to wrong decisions not of God turning his back or not listening to them. The important part is knowing that God leaves a lifeline through every thing that comes our way. Its having faith that he is there even when he feels like he is not.

IT is very important to know the "whys" to the ways of God. Do Yo thang True believer...

Big h.

PS: For God hath not given us the spirit of fear;(or butterflies) but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

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