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February 20, 2008


Eric Easley

So encouraging... that our dysfunctional non-Jesus encoded family lines can be re-created after the Kind of Jesus intended. Oh Lord, let us be available for your open heart surgery to chance that which teh enemy intended for evil.

Thomas G

I am amazed at how some things seem to be time released in life and the word of God. You see them....even hear them. One day you uncover the words and read them yet again and KAPOWEEE! and they finally "unpack". Right place...and the right time...right on time too! The older I get the more I see that God has us right where we need to be in that instant, or frame of time.

(right place...right time is what I'm illustrating here)

An example would be my former landlord "Jim" I illustrated this in Craig's blog today too. God chose me. I started going back to fellowship. Jim saw me and how it was changing me. I remember one day I just HAULED OFF AND ASKED.... "Jim...you used to be in church and even had a Sunday School class" "why did you stop going" He could not answer. Time passed....I later got discouraged and quit going for a few weeks. I learned that Jim had finally been going to the church and services I had invited him to 3 months previous. I was overjoyed!

He has since been been promoted to heaven!

I was in the right place... at the right time...RIGHT ON!!!! PRAISE GOD!!!

I love those wonderful words in the Psalms you uncovered! The strong holds must be shattered. They do not belong, nor do they fit in with a Godly walk.


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