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February 11, 2008



never fails...your sense of humor always leaves me speechless dad :) i love you and miss you so much!


you're only 45?!!
just kidding

Jim Mather

Happy birthday! I am at 48 and still doing pretty good :) so enjoy the wisdom of the aged!

Lara from Birmingham

Have a GREAT birthday, Bobby!!! Lisa & I will be down there staying w/Jacob & Jennifer in a few weeks. Looking forward to seeing you all!


Gotta love the south!!! What a hoot :) Agreed...about the partying!!! Yes celebrate for a week...btw 45 is AWESOME!

Thomas G

Oh great, now "Cletus Take the Reel" is going to be bouncin' round' my brain all week. Thanks....

mike & gin

That was hilarious ! Looks exactly like
Mike and Beau when they're fishing.

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