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February 14, 2008


Fred McKinnon

I'm so jealous - believe me, I'd have one immediately if only AT&T signal was worth a flippin' cent over here in our area. It's worthless. No signal at my house, on the north part of the island, in my office, heck - we don't even have signal on some of the main roads.
AT&T ... oh well, if only on Verizon.
Can you hear me now?

Cara Dufrene

the iPhone is fabutacular
love it

brian hassett

awesome pastor bobby! you can throw away your $40 el cheepo mp3!!!!!! hurray for iphone!!!!

Thomas G

Ahhhhh yes....the "Iphone". I just now got my first camera phone, and designated a "ring back" tone. I think I'm around 4 years behind as far as cell phone technology, but I'll get there when I get there. ENJOY and CELEBRATE your birthday Brother!

Robert Pooley

You will definitely love the iphone... not sure how I lived without mine... btw, happy birthday!!!

chris dufrene

wooohoooo.....i know you will love it, we love ours. you know what they say "once you go mac, you never go back"....lol.....miss and love you guys...


Welcome to the Mac world.

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