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February 26, 2008


Thomas G

HA! HA! God Bless you Jeff! I'm posturing for blog love aren't I! It is what it is brother! To say the least I'm GEEKED about what God is doing in my life. I have never written well enough to communicate effectively until the past few years. I was a failure in High School I squeaked by with a 1.5 gpa. God has his hand on my brain lately. It's not a LOOK AT ME type deal. It's a look and see what CHRIST is doing through me type deal! I was shocked at the amount of Christians on myspace. I blog there too and get awesome response! I have grandmothers, pastors, kids, moms, and dads that I share blogs and life experiences with.

Christ's Servant,


jeff wise

i agree w/ alot of what has been said here.if it is not evolution, or homosexual's, or drug use, or a blood bath, that they try to push down you're throat, then it is making fun of GOD, christian's, white folks , or anything that is open game in there eyes. if it were not for hockey and base ball, then i would not watch that much tv. @ all. jeff. ..... ps. will somebody go and visit thomas g's blog site!!! the poor guy takes time to put it on the web for you're reading enjoyment, the least we could all do is go and take a peak. he has been asking everyone (pastor bobby included) to read it. iam sure it is full of usefull info. so lets support him iam sure it will be very informative. thank you ..jeff wise.

Thomas G

I'm seriously thinking about busting the cable cable down to basic for the summer anyway. It's to expensive, and I only watch TV during college football season. I literally (NEVER) watch TV. Because of vile garbage like that! I hate how Hollywood tries to pump its secular godless ideals and sickening moral lacking garbage into the living rooms of America. I am sick to Bobby! Children's brains are being filled with this junk, yet there parents stare blankly into this mind robbing box right with them, right at the same time. If you haven't, Have a look at my blog Bobby. I posted one that skirted in likeness to yours. It was mostly geared towards the subject of moral decay relating to America's children. I can't post html in this response box, so link up to my blog by clicking my name below this message. I think you will like it. It is the blog (next) to my most recent.

Jim Mather

From the perspective of a missionary trying to reach lost souls from all over the world studying at an American campus I can tell you the biggest obstacle we face are American Christian students living in sin. A Muslim young lady who came on a retreat with us last week opened up about her church going roommate and their partying and boyfriends.. tragic let the revival begin on campuses where sexuality is treated like a free for all and drunkenness is something planned like a trip to the mall

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