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February 12, 2008



amen dad! I agree with what you said about the church being 'dull'. The church needs to get out there and do something productive in the body of Christ! Sheesh would it kill them to read the NIV???


A wonderful happy birthday to you, PB! I celebrated mine today with Dave in New Orleans for a day, and it was wonderful! I hope yours was a blessed and happy one too! : )

Thomas G

Well...I have heard of the scenario the guy is speaking of! I heard of this a while back, and I think it was about Germany. Sitting is done versus standing due to public sanitation purposes. This law probably goes into FULL effect during Oktoberfest probably...ha ha ehha uhmmm eh ha! This man even twists a sanitation ordinance into something to support his KJV argument! Annnnnyways we can't undo the type of inward focused teaching and beliefs this unfortunate guy has obviously had hammered into his skull for many years. What we can do is keep the focus outward and win souls for Christ! Our kind of churches are there to help folks who have been spiritually wounded "like me", AND those who have been otherwise un-churched their whole life. I love spreading the good news!

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Jim Mather

BIZARRE and sad video. We are to preach and exalt Christ by word and deed. all else is vain


400 years ago, pastors preached it like it was...couldn't he at least have checked his history first? I'm not sure what his message was about but I know what you gotta do to be a man...

jeff wise

hey i grew up in a church like that!! very scarey @ times, it's the my way or the highway w/ them.!! i know that in there small minds they think they are doing the right thing but what they do not understand is they do more harm then good. in other words, they drive more non christians away and give us all a bad name.


welllllll then. Lets go on a mission trip to his church. Is this real. Are you sure that he is just not making fun of people like that?

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