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January 02, 2008



Thank you Bobby, linked to your article on my blog.

Robert Pooley

Yep... doesn't surprise me after reading one of the author's recent books... this is just the logical extension to what he was saying then. I am amazed at how far off track he has come. Sad... really sad.

Jim Mather

Thanks Bobby for speaking up


Brian, I always look for and appeal to "fruit": Where God is really at work, (His Kingdom...Rom 14), there is 1. "Righteousness".....Right relationships with our fellow man and God 2. "Peace"....that deep, abiding inner sense that "all is well with my soul". 3. "Joy"....that indescribable thing the Apostle Paul had, even in prison, that is full of LIFE and rejoicing! (Phil 1)

I dont argue with people like that anymore. If they like the fruit of their like, so be it. From my experience, they are usually sullen, not much joy. Keep at it, young man! :)

Eric, the reason I will not personally be responsible for giving the name or book is because people invariably are curious, and out of curiousity, will read it. If they are not responsible for others, it usually just brings confusion and strife, rather than rest and peace in God. So.....I will leave the name/title dropping of these kinds of books to others! Grace, pb


Tony Morgan says the same things on his blog but he says what book it is and who the authors are


The "emerging church" agrivates me too... There is this kid at school who is into this.. He is not part of a house church yet because he is "forced" to go to a church who will not be named.. I talk with him all the time about him... I point out everything wrong about it as he tells me about it... I research and then tell him everything else but he does not listen... he doesnt care because I am part of the organized church... how do you reach someone like this? (not a retoricle question.) : )

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