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January 17, 2008


Thomas G

I can see the humor in this, however it is sad. AND SOBERING! I wonder; though it may be few, how many folks who GAVE UP on their walk with the Lord because they could not measure up to this obviously twisted doctrine. Some folks who have had a lifetime of sound teaching have NO IDEA what it's like trying to measure up to ideals such as this. I'm here to tell you that I experienced something similar to this in my youth. In the church I was attending there was a special trip to Disney World. In order to qualify a youth had to have spoke in tongues as proof of the indwelling of the holy spirit. This church also outlined that one was not saved from hell fire unless they spoke in tongues.....I lived this y'all. I steered clear of churches until I was 33 thanks to this.

Carter Schultz

Wow! I'm still laughing (it's keeping me from crying.) Bobby, if you had told me about this I wouldn't have believed it. I wish it weren't true, but seeing is believing.

Cory Doerksen

Can we take a tour to this church some Sunday. I want to see the gun behind the pulpit.


No modern wishy washy cartoon fableistic spiritual songs....RIDICULOUS, the whole thing! Most definitely SMALL!

Lara from Birmingham

My sister & I repeatedly thank our Lord for churches like Liberty, Birmingham & Harvest, P'cola! To think that the words of the Author of our faith and Maker of all have to be filtered through those of the Apostle Paul?! Paul would be the first to teach some serious CORRECTION!!!

Jim Mather

I guess I won't get a chance to share at that church about missions :)


"We love guns - we use guns - we shoot guns - we carry guns - the pulpit has a loaded one all ready for post-911 use."

This was the most unexpected of all the things in that mission statement.. They just got done talking about the "greater commision" and then that comes up... It was quite hillarious. But i dont think paul's "Gospel" had what they called "preach and shoot days". im just saying. : )

jeff wise

ok i'll say it ..what a closed minded goof !! we have a world going to hell and this (preacher) acts this way ? no wonder the general populas get's turned off of churches, look what they have to put up w/ in there town !!! that is why i love harvest i feel that GOD lead me to harvest so i can see that not all churches and christians were like what i grew up with. i cannot even imagine myself being his neighbor i could only imagine what that would be like....w/ our praise band and a couple of bosie speaker's i bet i could have all kind of fun ... :)

heather harrington

WOW! That statement was mind blowing. I just wish we could take them and shake some truth into them.And show them the God I know.


Wow. So...what else is there? They've pretty much excluded everything except what they feel is 'righteous.' How very sad. I'm glad the God I know loves creativity and expression and passion. That's like gray concrete compared to vibrance and colors and life.


Ummm. Wow. They don't even preach Jesus' teachings unless Paul repeated them?

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