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January 29, 2008



Say.....I may be wrong, but I get that feeling when I pass by that place in front of the Toyota dealership on HWY 29. The red lettered signs against the white paint might as well read GO AWAY!!! lol!!!! Thanks for sharing Bobby. I'm just about done with my remodeling and re-establishing my home in Milton. I still have work to do, but I'm seeing the light a little more again. This is a result of answered prayer. The mistake I made was I put a little too much "me" in it. It's been a lengthy trial. I should have never removed myself from fellowship. I think I bit off more than I could chew between serving and getting my place ready. I could have at least went to church in Milton. I've looked around. NOTHING is like the fellowship at Harvest!


Jim, I like your thinking there. That is a great message that has many applications. I see this in my own personal life.....we get 'stuck' in ruts! Take care...

Jeff, dont get me wrong, I LOVE those foods! There are just some I pass by everyday, never thinking to go in. Love you man!

jeff wise

chinese and mexican , you pass those by ??man oh man, i guess i will not invite you to dinner anytime soon. :) those are my stomping grounds. take care jeff. ps. yes there are some churche's that still act like it is the 1950's and that is why you will see nothing but the same member's and the same cars in the parking lot sunday after sunday.... how sad. i will have to agree about red lobster.. have a good week.

Jim Mather

Some thoughts on your sharing... 1 Kings 17... and the brook dried up... When God does a new thing many will not leave the place he was and go with him to where he wants to go with us. God help us to move with him and not live in a time warp

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