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November 08, 2007



O.k. I can truly relate to the horror of realizing weight in the midst of skinny colored glasses!!! Discipline is all i can tell you. The "d" word as ugly as it comes with concerns to your body however it is the best gift ever. Your body wants to betray you it screams let me eat that doughnut plllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeease! It's never just that one time.hhmmmm.

brian hassett

Pastor Bobby,
I know how you feel. I have always been the bigger kid. But for a while I was doing realy well, when i was wrestling for school... But now im fatter than i have ever been... Im sick of being fat. so now i am on a diet and excercising..
It sucks. but its worth it.

Jim Mather

I want to set you free from the scale... they are a waste of time and don't accurately reflect your weight or health.... why? Your weight in pounds can vary an awful lot based on your fluid status.. unless you are consistently weighing yourself the same time of day on a consistent basis it's really a crude tool. Nutritionists use much more accurate tools such as BMI (Body Mass Index) and others to help gauge weight you are at health wise. If you sign on with a certified personal trainer at the YMCA or other personal fitness center they can actually do a body fat measurement which is so much more important than your weight. I would recommend you consider that as part of a package deal where you get a couple of months in to a consistent diet & exercise regimen that works for you... It's worth the expense and based on your temperament will probably be a huge plus for your life.
p.s. good to see Roger at the meeting last night. I am sure he will fill you in on the int. student plan for UWF. If you have any questions feel free to contact me!


PB, you do know that your weight fluctuates from day to day, right? Check it tomorrow, it may have gone back down. Weight loss specialists suggest you weigh yourself once a week, not every day, because of this. After years of trying, I know this. ; ) Good luck, PB...may you get to where you want to be!


God loves even 4 pounds more of you. I’m sure you will shed those pounds because you are persistent. Be encouraged brother.


jeff wise

hey bobby, 123 fit claims to burn up to 320 to 400 calories w/ there 30 min. whole body routine. you might want to check that out, if so e -mail me and i will see what would be a good time for you to come in. i do not work for 123 fit, so iam not trying to make a dollar off of you. just a harmless plug :) i can get you 1 week free cards if you are intrested. peace and blessings jeff.

Bob Holmes

It's amazing isn't it! I always just blame the native american, or the scottish, or the german in me, but the french part, nah, the french are never fat.:)

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