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November 01, 2007


Josh Encinias

Twin boy refuses abortion attempts.



Kickin devil booty at the Rave...Lovin it!!!

Josh Encinias

Why did Harvest change the last part of it's name from Outreach to Pensacola?


We need to keep our game plan up to date!! The battle keeps changing, so should our plan! As a church we need to be innovative to keep winning souls. We need to be five steps ahead of the enemy, and take risks in this "war".

Donna Marchlewski

Instead of buying books online,try to support your local bookstore first. :)They have the recommended book at Family Christian Bookstore.


I am LOVING it, Becca! I have never been as excited as i am now about the times we live in. Where others see gloom, I see opportunites. When its all said and done, unchristians just wsnt to feel we really CARE about them, that they are not just another 'soul come into the Kingdom'. i want MORE baptized! I want more serving! I want more going on missions trips!

Lets kick the devils butt, plunder hell and help populate heaven, then get the heck out of here to be with Jesus forever!....LOTS of 'war stories' then! :) PB


Awesome thoughts, Pastor Bobby. Without a doubt, I can tell you that meeting other people where they are with the love of Christ in our hearts is our passion as well.

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