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November 15, 2007


jeff wise

hi josh , yeah i know what you mean i think it goes like this : hell hath no fury like ... well you know the rest. misery as we are told loves company. so easy to point out other's fault's and not take time to see you're own ..i used to work w/ someone like the person you described. the only thing i can say is just pray for her (i know that is not easy!)it seems like there is more going on in her life to cause her to act like that, insecurity can make someone say and do alot of things. hang in there, i hope that i was able to help in some small way. peace & blessings my brother. jeff.

Josh Encinias

This has indirectly been on my mind lately. I work with a person who LOVES to go on about how wrong everyone is, alluding to her way being the best way. She loves to spill this stuff on you when no one else is around, completely encumbering you in verbal vomit. Her ways are discreet and I wactch as she undermines situations to bend in her favor almost everytime I'm in the office. She has a false timidness to her, making it impossible to actually communicate because she doesn't own her wrong doings. I don't know if that's clear. But I'm at the point in my life where I'm able to fess up to my shortcomings almost seconds after I commit them. Sounds weird to most but I'm sure someone knows where I'm coming from.

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