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October 22, 2007


brian hassett

It is so true that The kids see what their parents do and then do it themselves. Adults, especially our parents, develop our minds. I believe that the adults/parents also need to step up so my generation can as well. It is a deffinate factor. We look up to our leaders at home and at church. If we want our church to go one then we need to focus on the youth. After your generation is gone then who is left?
Will your youth keep up the church and do what God's will is? Do they know how to figure out what God's will is? Are you doing everything in your power to help them?


Great Blog. Harvest is my Church Home. Have enjoyed it since the We've started attending at the Silver Screen. Sunday at the Rave was awesome.

Jim Mather

So True Bobby. Keep up your excellent blogging. I am blessed by it!

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