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October 30, 2007


Lisa Hassett

PB, I think you should be proud of yourself for speaking up and holding true to yourself and Harvest! That's why I love our church! We do have the BEST pastors around! You can hold your head up high. Had you not said anything then we would have banished you to under the table!! Keep rocking the boat!!


Hey Josh...! I heartily agree. We just went thru this with our youngest who is wanting (likes, prefers) to do some 'interesting' things with her hair as well. :) That is somewhat different, as she is not an adult, but we all do indeed have widely diverse 'preferences'.

And hey.....if youve noticed, the gray,..er ..actually WHITE...is coming thru, my friend. You can only hold it back so long...! :)



"to the gray haired guy with his red convertible (gosh....I am liking those....for real...!...:)...) and gold chains with his shirt unbuttoned to his navel....."

Shouldn't someone line of comfortablity be of their own choosing? Otherwise, someone could make a fuss about you dying your hair. Just a thought.

David Kerr

Bobby, man I am right there with you! Hate it with a passion! We are uniquely created by God- don't put me in a box or stereotype me---

Greg (PG)

Thank God I'm free of meetings like that!


Hey Bobbie I have to comment on this one. My friend Scott Huntinghouse, said he did not realize that you were a pastor until you dropped a few names then he put it all together. Thats what I love about our leadership they are human, they are not above us or look down on us from some angelic stage. I think all pastors everywhere could take a page from all four of our pastors play books.

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