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October 14, 2007


jeff wise

and i still have an outstanding warrant there !! lol just kidding !!! :) love da cubs and da blackhawks!!! love that city ! :)

brian hassett

Pastor Bobby, It occured to me that i love the people at Harvest. I could be having the worst day in my life, much like today, and see someone i know from church and be soooo happy! : ) It was the last 10 minutes of school and I was having a pretty dang bad day and who is standing in the hall way? Terry Barham. And for some reason my day just got better. I believe that it could have been anyone from harvest in that hallway and i would have been just as happy.. Amazing.. I think i just need to bring you guys to school with me. : ) ha


Everybody needs to go to Chicago. How could you not! I grew up there, my brother was born there and I still have family there...

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