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September 12, 2007


Nita Stelling

You know, Bobby, if the members of the Junky Car Club were really comfortable with their frugal choice, then they shouldn't be vocal about it. The car club has to maintain its modesty because that's why it was formed in the first place. But once the members start to compete with self-proclaimed elites, then the purpose of forming the club would be defeated.



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Interesting to know.


My wonderful car is still somewhere between a joke and a marvel with all my friends and family. I drove it from 1994-2006--put over 150,000 miles on it personally. I am convinced it just needs a little TLC to get it running again.


great blog post!


Yes,I totally relate suffering judgmental "Reverse Elitism". Yet, like some wise one explained to me once, "There is no sense in looking down the pig troth of this world in disgust at what others partaking, while we all pigs at the troth in need of grace. ie Rom3:23.

(Definitely nothing like a southern farm parable to bring it home).

PS- We love you Omni(wherever you are...)


The link did not paste.



Being only 25 I have only owned two cars personally. I say personally because that all changes when you get married, the car becomes both of yours. My junkiest car was my first car, and I loved that car dearly. It was a White 1990 Dodge Omni hatchback with 112,000 miles on it (when I got it), aka "BUZZ". It was given to me by a friend at church when I started driving. I drove that car JR/SR year of high school and all through my 2 years a BRSM. I was given my second car by my parents so I passed the omni blessing onto a friend. It had a couple small average wear and tear things that needed to be fixed. She drove it for a while and then she gave it to a mechanic who was gonna fix it up and give it to a needy person. That was not the end however for my "Buzz".
check out where I found him.

Lara from Birmingham

I remember when, just out of college, my parents & I had NO car to our names. A couple in our church, who had many blessings from the Lord, let us drive their Audi (leather interior & all). Sometimes His blessings are junky, sometimes they come w/leather interior. I guess it comes down to Him anyway.

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