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August 08, 2007



To 'tithe':

If you are truly convinced about your 'position', why do you remain anonymous? People who truly believe what they stand for, dont hide behind anonymity.

All that you say SOUNDS good....very 'spiritual'. But chances are you have never been a pastor and had staff that made their living helping the mission of reaching people for Jesus happen. Let me ask you a question: Do YOU live by faith....no set salary? Do you work and not get paid? Maybe you should apply your reasoning to your own life, my friend.

If you follow your own logic, you would certainly have more salary if you told your employer "just to pay you whatever he feels to, because you want to live by faith."

Are you ready yourself for that step of faith?

Surely you dont expect others to live by a different standard than you are willing to live by, do you?

I have not ONCE seen a person who takes this 'supposed' more spiritual approach give more than the tithe. They are usually far short. That was my own experience during the months I quit tithing. It took greater faith to tithe and believe God to give more and more, BEYOND that mere baseline of the tithe that OLD TESTAMENT people followed, and that I believe was accepted practice in the NT as well as historically since.

Friend, if you are talking about giving more than the Old Testament standard, I am with you. Less??? Ha!!! Come on....who are you kidding?? Before God, do you honestly and consistently give more than 10%? If so, you are the first I have personally seen.

Please answer me: What experience do you have to speak from? Do you carry the prayer burden of seeing a staff supplied for? Do YOU recieve a salary? Do you live strictly by faith, refusing a set income?

"The workman is worthty his hire." The tithe, by the way, was not an Old Cov law. it was set in place before that. It was about HONOR then. It is about HONOR today as well. FAITH goes beyond the tithe.

If you truly believe that if we dont teach tithing, people will give more....and more is what we are all after in developing as fully devoted followers of Christ, .....then why would a 'baseline amount' be a problem??? I have never heard any teaching that says "ONLY GIVE 10%....DONT GIVE ANY MORE!!!" No one has ever said you will be disobeying God if you give MORE than 10%, so how can teaching tithing hinder people from giving more....limiting their faith?

No, my friend, those who oppose the teaching of tithing are those who want to clench their fist around God's money (see Mal 3....its STILL God's money in the New Testament!) under the guise of being more spiritual.

If you reply,please sign it with your true name so we can have an honest dialog on this blog.


Robert Pooley

Also a pretty good post to remind us to be careful about who you hang out with...
Which might be a little concerning considering that we do hang out...


I agree with you that some people use their anti-tithing arguments for an excuse not to give to their church. But your statement below is relevant to those who don't give, to those who do, and to those who receive the tithe.

"I have seen WAY too much fruit of idiotic "supposed" 'doctrine' that really is nothing more than smoke to cover up stingy, faithless hearts."

The whole ingredient to that statement is "faithless hearts". I feel that churches preach the tithe because they are faithless in relying on the Spirit of God to lead their people in giving. When people want help discerning the will of God i always say choose the path that would take greater faith, and i guarantee that's the path God wants you to take. So my question is, is it no wonder that our churches don't rely on Spirit-led giving because that would take too much faith for our church budgets. Seriously, if our leaders actually said, "do not tithe, but petition the Holy Spirit this week to discern what to give". First of all, what great faith it would require from our leaders to do that, and the second thing that would be great is the extra petitions to God that would be given about our giving. You see with tithing, the only prayer to be prayed is, "God help me to give this cheerfully". There is no prayer for discernement, no prayer for counsel, and no communication with God's Spirit about the amount. In the old covenant, this was fine, because Israel was to obey the old Covenant. But for today, we've been given the Spirit and a new covenant.

I hate to go off so much about the church leadership, but that's where financial revival starts and that's where it ends-Always. As long as the "Spirit-led" church continues its financial security through an old covenant law and not through the Spirit, then there's no right for our leaders to condemn others for lack of faith.


My brother, I want to encourage you to not hold in your feelings. When you just hold it in, beat around the bush, and don't let your real feelings out, it will cause problems. :-) (how do you make a good smiley face in a blog comment?)
Seriously, bro, great post. A good reminder to us all.

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