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August 08, 2007



I know this is an old blog post but I am glad I came upon it. If I took my tithe for one year and either split or put it all towards a ministry that directly helps to alleviate suffering while at the same time sharing the gospel, is that wrong since I am not tithing to the church building itself? I have read many comments, articles and scripture about tithing but just looking for some more insight.

In my case (can't speak for others), I *DO* want to give over the 10% and I am not trying to avoid paying the tithe so I can "hoard it"...I just see suffering right in front of me and my heart is breaking for this specific ministry. I would love to see the hands, feet and love of Jesus spread through this ministry and my money can help that.

I heard a pastor recently say in relation to the tithe, that the "Bible says nothing about giving to good causes" but in Matthew Chapter 25, the Lord is separating his "sheep" and his "goats" on the basis of what they did (or didn't do) for the "least of these" who He says, is actually Jesus, himself. So how could giving back the money he has blessed me with (the tithe and beyond) to the "least of these", "wrong" simply because it's not the literal church?

Asking with a pure heart! Thanks for input.


Our Lord is always in control and leads in strange ways. I am a Christian in PA and have some good friends in your church. They encouraged me to check out your web site and I ended up on this blog.

It hit me like a ton of(spiritual) bricks when I read a post from Sept 14th. I have worked at many things to build up my finances, only to go a few steps down. Now I am almost rock bottom and needing help to survive. Never thought this would happen. Wondering why I am not blessed to be a blessing.

DUH! I have been doing everything but the best thing. Thank you Lord for getting into my thick skull. And thank you D & D.


I recently met a man that attends HC and his whole being lights up when he speaks about tithing. He said for him to tithe is worship, he spoke with much passion and it
has encouraged me to stay on the right track! .... and when he shared this passion about tithing, we weren't even 'at church'!
Yes, I'd say this man has a giving heart and one that loves the Lord...even with his substance that the Lord gives him the ability to gain.

gives me this thought:
well done good and faithful servant, you have been a good steward of a few things - now I will make you one of many...continue and don't become tired of doing what is right and good in the Lords eyes.

Be blessed in Jesus name!


when we give our tithes, we are saying that we trust God with our finances. Above all we are honoring him; and God rewards people who honor him.

Fearless in Florida

I thank you for your writing on Tithing. I was searching the Internet for a discussion about tithing and you broke it down, allowing me to know I did the right thing by tithing this morning for the 1st time in 3 years!!! My new husband of 6 months does not come from an understanding why it's important to start it now. He says we cannot afford it right now. I told him this morning, as I sent my tithe through the online payment system the church has, "Honey, this is the BEST time to do it!" He left the house with a not-so-great disposition but I have to break this curse! Thanks for your encouraging words. It rested my heart knowing I did the right thing tithing from the job so graciously blessed me with!

jeff wise

hey carter !! welcome back ... :)


Hey Lindsay!

Glad to hear you are new to Harvest....I look forward to meeting you.

I just so happened to be checking the blog for comments and noticed you had just posted......great question! Here is what I think: It's all about HONOR. You need to honor your husband, yet desire to honor the Lord, correct? I would advise you to tell your husband that indeed, you want to honor him, BUT, you likewise desire to honor the Lord with what you personally make. Ask him, gently of course :), if he would be ok with that, and that IF you guys see in a month...or 3 months...whatever time frame you feel to lay out there....that it is putting strain on you, you will stop, but that you are a woman of faith, and believe God will somehow bless your desire to put him first in at least your own finances. I will chat a little about this tommorow in my message and the notes will have some good scripture references you can show him you are standing on.

Make sure, if you do this, that you in every way let him know you want to honor him as your husband, and that you are just asking him to please consider giving you his blessing to try this 'experiment' out. Tithing isnt meant to be a 'yoke' around our neck, rather, a way of showing honor to God tangibly. But in your situation, I believe you have to walk it out as above.

Hope this makes sense...!

Grace to you, and look forward to meeting you...

Pastor Bobby

Lindsay Cooey

I am new to Harvest and have just began to tithe. My husband does not come with me, and doesn't want me to tithe. He says we can't afford it, but I feel like we can't afford not to. I am wrong for tithing anyways?


To Dave:

Hey Dave! I dont know you, but if you are saying tithing is not a "Christian" doctrine, as in something Christ (from where of course "Christian" is derived)taught, here is something to think about, from Jesus own words in Luke 11:42....

"You (Pharisees) are careful to tithe even the tiniest income from your herb gardens, but you ignore justice and the love of God. You SHOULD (...I think that is a supportive word...) tithe, yes, but do not neglect the more important things."

Pretty plain.....Grace, friend...PB


Tithing is not a Christian doctrine! Even Jews in modern days in foreign lands outside Israel do not tithe. Did you know there is a reason for that? Did anyone preach that you? Talk to a rabbi this week. Ask him if it was remotely possible that Jesus even tithed. You will not be the same anymore. God bless you as you search.

Blessed Mom of twins

Pastor Bobby,
I'm a stay-at-home-mom to twins and my husband is the sole bread winner. We have attended both services on Sunday. It is a Blessing to Fellowship and call Harvest my Home.

I'm glad you have mentioned tithing during service and that you posted it in your blog, as I wasn't sure where (in the Bible) or how we were to tithe. By hearing you quoting Scripture, it opened our eyes to what we should be doing. Just being "Baby" Christians shouldn't deter us from giving to our church. Harvest does not "REQUIRE" you to give your offerings & tithes, you simply ask that if you call Harvest your home to do so.

If you are so led by the Holy Spirit to PREACH it, please do. I enjoy listen to both you and Pastor Craig when the Holy Spirit moves you!!! You are only telling the Truth, and that is what may be so hard for people to hear...the Truth. You are not speaking just to hear yourself talk. People anyway you look at it will be offended by something...especially if it is the Truth and they don't want to accept it for what it is.

Take care,
God Bless,
Blessed Mom of twins


I first want to make it clear that I do not claim to be an expert on this subject. I am only going to speak from my heart and my life experience. A few things come to mind right off the bat. First and foremost, one of the best things that ever happened to me is that I started hearing preachings on tithing which then made me aware of what I was missing out on. Next, I truly believe that whatever you do needs to be from your heart. If you don't want to give it or your heart is not clear on it, then I am not so sure God wants it from you at that moment. Why are we going to church in the first place? Are we to be selective on which parts of the bible we learn from the church on Sunday? Furthermore, removing biblical tones out of it for a second (and I mean only for a second), I don't think there is an organization in this world that doesn't eventually need $$$ to pay the bills. Everything costs money to run! Why wouldn't we want to support our churches with what is really minimal in the bigger picture. Did you ever stop to think that if you don't tithe your portion that you could end up being a part of the reason that a church had to close its doors? Why is it that in this world we will go seek advice on money from various worldly institutions (which is fine) but then when it comes to teaching the bible and it's requirements on tithing that people get so defensive? Remember, we want to get away from our money controlling us and change it to God controlling us. The one commandment that always comes to mind is that "Thou Shalt Not Steal"! Question, are we stealing if we continuously go to a church to receive all of the services it has to offer but yet we don't support the church as it is written in the bible? If teachings about tithing in church will bring me closer in my obeying God's Will, then so be it. Last, I have found in my own experiences, that normally when I have a problem with something the Pastor is teaching or saying, it is most likely because I am feeling convicted myself on that particular subject. Peace!!

John Loftis


Tithing is, as several have pointed out, the base level of giving. It could be equated, spiritually speaking, to the decision to become a Christ-follower. It's the start, but by no means the end. Teaching about tithing should not diminish faith in any way, since that's just the base level. Some people use 2 Corinthians 9 (about determining in your heart what to give) as a New Testament standard that undoes the call to tithe. But that's not about tithing - that's about a special offering. I tithe regularly, but then whenever I get a chance to give to a special need or ministry, I seek the Lord about 1. if I'm to give to this, and if so, 2. how much to give. I don't have to ask Him about tithing - that's a given. Just like I don't need to ask Him if I should love Him or love other people - it's a given.
Also, tithing's not for the church as much as it is for me. It reminds me that all that I have is God's.
And, I hate to say it, but if it offends, many times that is revealing where our hearts are. (Unfortunately, there is also the struggle of overcoming some people's view that all the church wants is their money, based on their experiences with certain leaders who spend their time coercing, pressuring and guilting people into giving.) However, if the true, Biblical message of tithing offends, it may reflect that I'm holding on too tightly to "my" money and belongings.
Bottom line, we need to remember Matthew 6.33 - seek first God, His Kingdom, and His righteousness and let God take care of our needs.

David Bixler

Great blog. As Christians we should be obeying God's Word & being obedience is to "bring the all your tithes to the store house." Malachi 3:10

Pastor Craig

More than anything else, where your money goes (or doesn't go) reflects your heart. Those who have a hard time with tithing should go on a fast until their heart turns their fisted hand's tighten grip loose on their money.

Jim Mather

Speaking of finance/giving-tithe etc. Take a look at a book called "Crash Proof" by Peter D. Schiff which spotlights the coming economic crisis related to the "credit" collapse in the housing market. Good stuff.

brian hassett

Pastor bobby, I stand with you on the subject. Some of you must not understand what titheing is. It is a command by God. Think about. you go to church in the morning, you hold back that extra five dollars in yur tithe so you can go get a cup of starbucks!! If you think that you don't have the money to tithe then take the way you do all of your bills and flip it. Dont tithe last. Tithe first. Then do all the home stuff and food and all the stuff you truly need. If you cant afford to go to starbucks twice a day, im sorry. Titheing is a matter of the people that lead the church being able to feed their families as well. you say "So, stay focussed the finances will take care of itself." I only have one question WHAT IS THE MATTER WITH YOU? You just told them not to speak of titheing, or preach it. When we are supposed to preach the bible, titheing is in the bible. There are parables in the bible about titheing. It is a command. are we not to preach it because it may offend you???
and tithe boy down at the bottom is all about faith as well, "then there's no right for our leaders to condemn others for lack of faith." you said that. Did you even read the beginning of yur comment?? "I feel that churches preach the tithe because they are faithless." This was copy and pasted out of your blog. hmmm... How does that make sence? how?? If anything Christians need to be reminded of titheing. im sure we forget. It feels wrong at first. but then you get to the point to where your heart is calised and you DONT GET IT, untill someone outside of your bubble world, like pastor bobby's wife, says "HEY!! hello McFly!!! you must be out of my mind!!!" We need to be preached at about tithing just as much as we need to be preached at about lying, and following the Holy spirit, and The Trinity, and lieing. Titheing is a command. What happens when you dont do what God commands? hmmm.... Everything is just so blessed right? You are just such a fruitful person.

Now. I know, i dont have it figured out. Dont say that i do. But There are some MAJOR wholes in some of your comments. Just as well there are some in mine. I rambled. I love you. But I get worked up. I guess i will know if this comment is ok or else Pastor boby will remove it, I hope.
-brian hassett.


Paster Bobby
Okay, you don't have to apologize for your post but I don't think you need to remind people to tithe. Christian who call Harvest HOME know the church needs all the support one can give. I may not have the finances the next person has but I am doing my best. We have many newcomers at Harvest. I fear this topic may offend some. I have been there for some time and I surely felt after reading your post that what I give its not enough for Harvest. Also, the first commentor seems upset about tithes because of what he experienced as a child. Well, I have experienced churches where everytime you worship there are multiple collections or requests for money. When a church is focused on GOD's work, God opens the hearts of its followers. So, stay focused and the finances will take care of itself.

Todd Flores

I have to chime in on this one, man oh man. The bottom line is alot of ministries fail because church members within their own local church body don't Tithe like God's word instructs them to & alot of these very churches are scared to even discuss this very important issue with their Church members. Why is it that people in today's church have become so sensitive? This whole new age movement of not offending nobody, just do whatever you want attitude is hurting the church. I have personally experienced first hand what non-titheing church members do to a local church body as Financial Secretary of a church. Our weekly Financial meetings turned into a slugfest over $100. It got so bad that there had to be a majority vote just to approve $100 in spending for ministry. The main reason for this was because most of the church members at this church did not tithe like they should. There still is a thing called conviction. I also grew up a Pastors kid & have personally served in Ministry & I would still be in Ministry doing what I love if the money was there to support my family. I made a whopping $840.00 per month to support my family of six because of Non-Titheing Church Members. Don't get me wrong I was very thankful for the money I was given by the Church but ask yourself, Can you raise your family on $840.00 per month? It was a new church & the Pastor was to scared to teach & instruct his church members concerning Titheing. He did not want to offend anyone & in the meantime the Church suffered & the Leaders. I can still remember riding in the car with my Dad when I was a kid & almost running out of gas before he preached on Sunday. I thought this was the norm for a Minister until I got older. It was because people are selfish with what God has given them. In my BOLD opinion Titheing is one of the number one issues facing the Church today. YOU CANNOT DO MINISTRY WITHOUT MONEY, PLAIN & SIMPLE. It takes a ton of money to do it effectively. It's time for church members to step up & do their part in this area. To end, I'm proud of my Pastor for addressing this issue. For Harvest to succeed in this community we all need to Tithe & give all we can. The enemy has a stack of hundreds in his pocket at his disposal & we are jingling change in our pockets. I'm so tired of the Church coming up short in this area.

Fred McKinnon

phew wee ... and I thought it was *HOT* here on the beach in Georgia! This should be good!

(Btw - gave my tithe check AND our building fund "over and above" check last week!) :-)

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