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August 02, 2007



mmmm. Fish house. We just went there today for our 7th anniversary. Yum is all I can say to that.


ya i find myself looking forward to sundays also. i get super excited. I will say outloud, "i cant wait for sunday!" dad looks at me like im crazy and says "why? what happens sunday?" I say "church. like every single sunday so far. He says "well, what are you doing that makes so excited." This is just that door i need to get through to him. he has cornered himself at this point, and he doesnt know it!! ha ha I say "well this is a time for me to get together with all my friends and talk with them and share with them. And then i get to enter into the prescence with God and talk with Him. And also in the midst of all this i get a word from whoever is preaching that was meant for my ears. A person can get excited about these things, no?"
dad says, "Brian, you're weird."
That is the extent of our conversation... : )
but yes. i love comming to church and seing the people I have come to know and love. Love you pastor bobby, thanks for all the stuff that you.

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