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August 20, 2007


tony luallen

Hey Bobby,
I know what song you are talking about and i hear it on the radio almost every time i am with my father (who is back in town). They play it a lot! It definitly is a Worm song :)
I think that sunday night was really good. It was one of my favorite night services. I love it when we have baptisms.

Shana Smith

I agree totally on how amazingly united our CORE meeting felt! I left telling all my friends who dont even go to Harvest how much I love my church, and how amazing it is to have 100+ people who are serving and in leadership, and how it felt like a family gathering, eating dinner and talking with one another :)

I also loved the baptism service, as you know :)


I've been a part of Harvest for 10 years, and I have to say, Sunday night baptisms were one of the TOP 5 services we've had. . . .I almost wanted to jump in the pool myself it was so exciteing !!!

Jim Mather

I need to come visit you all... sounds awesome!

Robert Pooley

Check out my blog, I just wrote about my restuarant pet peeves and ended encouraging others to tip well... Too funny how our minds work.


Glad to hear you're leaving good tips. That's very dear to my heart! The Beautiful Girls song has been in my head all morning. Crazy!

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