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August 28, 2007


Jeanne Liechty

Hey Bobby,
I was just reading your Blob about depression and I totally agree with you.. With me it was more anxiety which hit me hard last year but I'm standing on God's promises and little my little I getting better. But I didn't wait on the Lord by doing nothing while I am waiting on my body to be restored by the Lord. I went and started doing everything I could to help the Lord, excerising, going off caffine, and sweets and standing for my healing. So often we just wait on a miracle to happen instantly and that doesn't always happen that way. We have to perservere thru trials, I'm claiming my healing this year to be totally restored so the Lord can use me once again to help other with this problem. I don't understand why I had this but I trust him thru it and good has come from the trials. As the Day of Atonement is coming on Sept 22 I'll be waiting on God's blessings. I'm miss all of you but know I where the Lord wants me to be right now. Dot told me about Sara last weekend and I pray the Lord wisdom and strengh for her. I've been thru it and totally understand what she's going thru. I hate to see her leave but I feel the Lord had us together for a season which was awesome and we have to let go when it time, but we will always be friends no matter where she is. I also wanted to ask you if you still have a copy of my testimony I did with Trish on forgiveness. My dad lost my orginal copy and I'm trying to find another copy. If you have it just let me know and I can get it from Dot. I'm leaving for Indiana Thursday the 7th for 10 days to visit Neil's sister Karla and family. God is so good..Sending all my love and blessings.............

brian hassett

Isnt it Paul who talks about not to absorb yourself with the past? not to dwell on it....
good stuff.

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