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August 30, 2007



i cant believe all the years that you played basketball with me that song was running through your head

Cara D.

OH and I love me some New York Super Fudge Chunk, too!

Cara D.

I knew (or at least hoped I knew) from that paragraph that flung you back to the Mesozoic that you'd better be talking about Heart. I am a big fan of theirs as well. I don't know if that's my "eye of the tiger" anthem, but excellent choice.
This is another excellent one of theirs....
I could only hope my daughters would grow up and rock out that hard. :)

Dave Flaton

How is that a guilty pleasure? That song rocks. One of the most recognized guitar licks in rock history. I would probably have to say my guilty pleasure group (no offense, Jacob) would have to be ABBA. Heart is a great band because chicks have to try twice as hard to make it.

Michael Lepinay

Dad, there was hideous. That song will haunt my dreams tonight...

Meghan Wilson

greetings from korea! bobby, that was hilarious! glad to see you let your hair down.

brian hassett

Let me start off with I look down upon my pastor for choosong such HORIBLE music. ha ha but can i say much?? much better than the (0's music. It is like the 80's and 90's should not have existed when it comes to music... whether Christian or secular... ha ha

mike & gin

Alrighty, it's BTO for me - "Takin Care of Business.


o.k. PB I can't believe you hear that when you play one on one bball. OOOh BARRACUDA!


Sorry Pastor Bobby, I just watched the whiteheart video and I think pastor pooley has got you beat by a long shot. He He He...

Robert Pooley

Too early to declare yourself a winner... Go back and look at the post... that was quilty pleasure #1. There are more to come.
Try to keep up. :-)


Awesome stage presence. I agree: they "owned" the stage!

Greg (PG)

Oh yeah! Brings me right back to the 8 track. :)


Brandon luallen

Yea, I am 13 and I know the barracuda song. Scary 8-) Although I live in the hard rock era. Not old school. lol


You, Pastor Bobby, are too funny!

I don't know which made me laughed harder Pooley's quintisential Christian rock (see - Christians can have fun...)or your wailin' sisters & the 70's spandex - not to mention the man hair - tho I have to grant ya that girl could, in fact, wail!

As a walking jukebox, I can't pin point just one song - I remember most of 'em & much to my husband's chagrin, can't help but sing along.

Although I have to admit Pat Benetar, Cher, a little Clinton & the P. Funk - they all have the ability to stir up a bit of the giddiness of youth in me.

Music really is a powerful thing isn't it? Little else has the ability to really get into a person & effect mood & thought.

Thanks for the chuckle!

Fred McKinnon

oooh ... Barracuda.

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