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August 23, 2007



Yay! The big theater will be back...finally, we'll have some room to really grow! And on Debbie's note, yes, more parents should take advantage of the awesome kids' church we have. Great stuff is going on in there...and it's not because I'm just biased either. : )

Jim Mather

Great news about the biggest theater being used. You might just need the whole place some day :)


PRAISE THE LORD!BEEN PRAYING FOR A LARGER ROOM. I DO PRAY IT WILL BE FULL SUNDAY AS YOU WILL BE ANSWERING SOME TOUGH QUESTIONS THAT ALL HAVE BEEN NEEDING ANSWERS TO. Need you & wife to do a parenting seminar again. I do not understand why there are parents who do not take advantage of the children's church as they could get so much more out of each service--the children and the parents. Don't you agree? So happy my daugther & hubby are coming & also bringing my grand. Been praying for her to be brought up in the love and admonition of our Lord thru a happy Christian home environment. I do pray they will join our church very soon as they have been 3 times already and he is interested in the baseball team. Thanks for personally signing the letter of welcome they received.

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