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July 31, 2007


brian hassett

so, i looked up petra.
cant believe you thanked God for them....
but anything is better than what you were listenning to. country gospel?? yes. thats what it was... O Lord, thanks for not letting me go through that... : )

Betty Bryant

I believe it was Leon Liechty that I heard say, "You are the gatekeeper." Guard your heart, but in order to guard your heart and your mind, you have to be concious of what is allowed in. There are always going to be negative influences, but generally we have a choice whether or not to frequent those people, places and things that have a negative influence in our lives.

For me, in the early years of my walk with Christ, it was music. For the first few years, I listened only to Christian music. It was a concious decision, and I could feel discontent in my spirit if I was in a place that played "secular" music for extended periods of time. "Secular" music was a bridge back to my life before Christ.

Realizing that "I am the gatekeeper" is still at times a profoundity. Although I may not be always be able to control what I am exposed to, as the gatekeeper, I can make a choice to stay under the influence of those things, or to conciously focus on Christ, thus pushing those negative things out.

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