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July 18, 2007



Thank you Pastor B for being their as my Pastor. I know that being a Pastor of a Church is not an easy task. As Esph. 4:19 says "That I can do all things through Christ which strengthen me." I pray for yopu and your family each day. Again thank you for being my Shepard.


Thank you, PB, for being all of that to us at Harvest...and more. You being 'judge' and 'counselor' in the last (almost) four years has meant so much to us with everything that's happened. It's comforting and it's a blessing to have a shepard that truly cares. You take little moments and stop just to ask how we really are. We really are blessed to have you as our pastor. : )


wow. that hurt to read. we always take you for granted. i do. "o pastor bobby is probably just reading the bible, ill email and he will get back to it by today. or i will curse his name." i am of course exagerating. but.. none the less we do not understand everything you do. and especially visitting all the people in the hospital is hard cause harvest is the baby breading factory of pensacola. And can you believe they still want more?! : ) well, i guess this is all for now. mom gets back iin 7 days from california. grandma tends to be a handful. you realy must see her in her "natural habitat." well thanks you for being my fire fighter and counselor and all that other good stuff. i love the picture by the way...

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