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July 16, 2007


Stephen Robertson

I saw it the other day after we talked about it. My wife and I really enjoyed it. Only one tiny detail he left out. Who pays for health care if nobody does? Well you Still do. The very best insurance you can buy is much cheaper than doubling or tripling your taxes. I fully agree that the system is broken but socialism is rarely the answer to any problem.

Comparison of Taxes paid by a household earning the country's average wage
.................No kids...2 kids
United States...29.1%...11.9%

Germany ........51.8%...35.7%

brian hassett

now remind why i am here in america when i could be in australia. with kangaroos mind you. hmmmm... that is the big question.
fo sho. ha ha jk i love america. : )

Rachel Thurmond

We are currently faced with this issue of medical bills as we are paying for this new baby in cash. I can't help but compare my situation here with the Australian system. If we were living back there we would have no out of pocket expense (expcept a small percentage on prescription meds if needed)to have a baby. Not only that but the government is giving away a $5000 cash baby bonus for every new birth...we would make money from having the little mate...ha! My dad is still in the hospital and has received all the medical intervention and care he needs with no cost. It's been about 4 months and you could imagine what the expense would be! I know there are problems with socialized medicine (waiting lists etc). My family in Australia has never been faced with these issues. Answer?? I don't know....but the $ certainly drives it all. Praise God He is our provider...

Bob Holmes

Thank You for not being religious clones!!!It's great to be among thinking people. We after all are Believers 1st and Americans 2nd...again thank you for not "Living in the Zoo! but Wild and Free!!!":)

Jim Mather

I am a Nurse as well as a believer and former medical missionary. I believe you are right in your opinion about what is happening in America. I am "sicko" as well as I see America's health care "system" (extortion) being shoved down the poor's and working class people's throats. People don't know how bad it is until it's too late. When health care becomes profit driven and not compassion driven people without great wealth will die and be shown the door literally.
Jim Mather R.N. and lover of JESUS

brian hassett

hey, i am very impressed with you and all those who went to see this movie. i think it is great to get all sides of every point of view because to many times too many people are close minded. especially those in the church. in any church. that is why most people are turned off to the fact of going to church. some people disagree with michael moore and there for dont go see anything he prooduces. it ends up getting to the point that we just dont like him because majority of the people dont. we dont what he stands for we just know he is wrong. but about what??? hmmmm... the big question? and also to oppose someone because they are not conservative republican is completely dumb because in that you say that all liberals have no brain and all republicans are right all the time. the liberals can't contribute anything to anything because the republicans have it ALL figured out. just a bit on what i learn from watching the O'reily factor with dad every night for the past 4 years of my life. : )

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