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June 11, 2007



Well, personally, I like having a little longer message on Sunday nights. I'm off helping with the little ones usually, and don't get to be in service often. It's nice when I do hear a message to get some 'meat' and get refreshed...it keeps me going through the week. Sometimes you can't dig that deep in a half hour...just my $.02. : )


Pastor B., wheather you 30 mins. or 45 mins. or even shorter, your messages & teachings are coming from the Lord, They are great.

Fred McKinnon

Hey Bobby!

Any rule that says PM has to be 45+ minuters? 30 mins is great ... I know great communicators (and yes, you're a great com) can take it past 30 mins .. but most folks start checking out, they say! I dunno ... just my $.02!

Love ya'll,

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