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June 18, 2007


Fred McKinnon

Bobby -
Spend the $ on a Weber .. you'll never regret it. I've spent less $ on chaper grills, (stay away from the cheap WalMart/HD grills, ie. SunBeam, etc).

I bought a $400 Weber more than 13 years ago and it's still in use - despite the fact that it sits on my deck in the salt air and rain.

Howz that for a testimony!?


I would never give a nudge for anyone to go to Home Depot. Not ever.....Woops lol

Happy grill Hunting



Pastor B, I am glad that you're getting a new grill & the Wife is getting new furniture. It has been a while Since Deb & I got anything new except a new make over on kitchen. It seems that the College bills haven't caught up yet. When we get our three graduated & without our support it will be time to buy new furniture etc. ours are over 20 plus years. By the way, I have a fiesta Char grilled & have enjoyed it since I got it.

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