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June 06, 2007


Sheryl Braun

hey, I've got Portable Sounds on my generic 256mb player too. great for the gym!


OK......you guys have (esp after seeing the actual COST of this thing!) convinced me: No go on the IPhone. I have the same little Sandisk that I got for $69 but it holds less songs, so.....IF my kids are reading this, and yes, Sunday IS Father's Day, :).....an upgrade would be just great!

Good input guys! No chasing the rainbow here!

Eddie Gray

Oh, and $600 for a freaking PHONE??? That's more than irrational for all but the highest movers and shakers on the planet. I think when I start seeing teenagers and college misfits using these things, I'm just gonna lose it. I may start giving out random haymakers to strangers for the sheer stupidity of it all.

Hey guys...remember when we didn't have cell phones, mp3 players or mobile internet? Man, what savages we were. Seriously, is it really worth it? They're now beaming television onto cell phone screens. For every minute of business convenience, technology provides 30 minutes of time-wasting garbage.

Am I turning into a Luddite? Maybe. Unsure what a Luddite is? Look it up on your cell phone. I'm sure you can find it there. And while you're at it, you can download your favorite episode of Seinfeld. I'm going in search of a big wooden club right now....


Eddie Gray

Bobby, maybe I'm not the coolest guy on earth (not ever my intention), but I've got an mp3 player that's two years old, and it only cost $65 way back then! It holds more than a thousand songs, and is memory upgradable with an SD card to hold even more. It's a Sandisk. I'm sure in two year's time, there's even better stuff on the market now for about that price.

Don't go in for the whole "Mac is better, so it's worth 5 times the cost of everything else" line. Don't join the Mac cult!!!


seriously though what's the big deal about having an ipod versus Mr. El Cheapo? Hey if it plays the MP3 than keep on jogging I say.


by Chris Seibold
Mar 01, 2007

There is a lot of talk about the price of the iPhone; comparisons are made to the Newton, to Macs, and to any seemingly overpriced item. Random price bitching is one thing, because who has ever said they didn’t pay enough for something, but then evidence rolls in. In a poll, something like two people out of the six billion inhabitants of the planet said they would buy an iPhone for a cool $500.

Let’s skip any methodological flaws in the study for now and realize something straight up: the iPhone isn’t going to set you back a mere $500. The price of entry isn’t close to the biggest expense you’re going to face with the iPhone. Time to quantify the cost:

iPhone: $499
$500 bucks for a cell phone? It’s an outrage. Well, remember that it is also an internet device, a camera, an iPod, and a game-playing wonder. Now how much would you pay?
Cingular service: $39.99(450 minutes) to $199.99 (6000 minutes)
Bluetooth earpiece: $50
If you’re cool enough to have an iPhone, you’re probably legally required to have the Bluetooth iPhone earpiece jammed in your ear canal
Data package: $20-$50
The smartphone connect with unlimited data is only $20. You think Cingular is going to let you get away with that? Surely you jest. More likely you’ll be hit with the $50 Blackberry connect fee.
Getting out of your current contract: $200.00
Sure, you say, there is no way you’ll pay it, but start setting some dough aside.
Car charger: $40
Your plan is to keep the iPhone charged, right? With a five-hour battery life a portable charger is not an option, it is a necessity. And since the phone is new you’ll have to pay an exorbitant amount.
Case: $50
C’mon, you’ve spent all this jack for a phone and you’re going to try to shave a few pennies off the cost by skipping or making your own cover? I think not!
Grand total two-year iPhone cost? $3,050!


Do not forget about the fees to run all the features of the phone. I have not heard what they are charging but it will not be cheap.

Lee Dannelly


We just switched to ATT but they are going to be expensive at first. 499 for a 6 gb and 599 for a 8gb. Plus that is really not that much storage space compared to an Ipod of 60 or 80 gigs.



Good luck in your quest for the iPhone. They won't be released until the 29th and will run between $400 and $600. If you don't have AT&T/Cingular, you'll have to change...they're the only provider for now for the iPhone. But hey...keep chasing that rainbow!


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