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April 18, 2007


Bo Cable

Bobby - The Cables are very excited about the new launch. Our prayers are with you. Man, wish we could be there! :(

jeff wise

and just like jacob i was so stinkin excited that this was all i talked about until finally my friends and family said they had about enough of this, that they will no longer talk to me !!! oh happy day !! :)

jeff wise

ohhhh yes happy day!!!! :)

jeff wise

i was so excited thinking about all of this that i did not realize until it was to late that i was speeding and ran 2 red lights!! :)

mike & gin

Oh Happy Day.....we've been waiting for
this for a year!!!!!


o man!! i wish i could have gotten there last week. but anyways i will be there for all the weeks to come!!!


I'm so stinkin' excited about this coming Sunday at the RAVE !!!

Jim Mather

Appreciate your pioneering efforts for the King!

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