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March 28, 2007


jeff wise

yeah when i saw you on the tube i said WOW! look @ that pudgey preacher!! just kidding!!! the world makes us look @ ourselves in this manner the girls want to look like they are near death as they are skin and bones, and the guys want to look like arnold or tom cruise, i agree w/ jack we are there for GOD.not to see who looks the best.

Jack O'Brien

When we come to Harvest our focus is not on you, it's on HIM. We need to be edified and energized by the living God -- be satisfied that you are the conduit.

Thomas Guidy

Hey man. The very reason I heard about Harvest over a year ago is because of Television. I caught the heartbeat of God because of the way you lay the word out for folks. We all are different, like Brother Jack says there are over 5 billion of us on this Earth and none of us are the same. God likes your spin on things Bobby, thus Harvest was born. Harvest can't loose Bobby. 200 and one location, or 2000 and six locations. 2000 and six locations is my vision Bobby. Big vision ain't it? Anyways, my weight is like the stock market man, sometimes it's up...somtimes it's down. To tell you the truth Bobby I wouldn't have cared if you were 300 pounds 14 months ago, God spoke to me through you.

God Bless our Pastor Bobby Lepinay

Robert Pooley

Fat little hobbit... hahahahaha... too funny... Stop being so insecure! :-)

Fred McKinnon

Bobby -
Gotta put it on YouTube so we can see, OK?

Remember the Friends' episode, when Monica was overweight as a child and she said "well, the camera adds 10 pounds" and Chandler (I believe, maybe Ross or Joey) says "dang, how many cameras did they have on you!".


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