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March 09, 2007



Reasoning in our own flesh without consideration of the Holy Spirit that dwells within us is something that we all can fall to. In this there are big things and there are small things. Sin is sin, yes; but what is outlined here is HUGE. It's one thing to venture in our minds; that’s bad enough in itself, but to take the walk in reality is BLATANT SIN, a whole different ball of wax.

Messin' around on yer' wife is a huge deal.

***Sin has consequence as outlined in the photo.***

We all know that the letter and picture has a 99% probability of being a joke, but this is a serious matter. I'm glad the Lord put this in front of our pastor.

We are lucky God forgives and has afforded us grace.

Let’s all behave ourselves and do our absolute best to walk holy!!

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