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February 15, 2007


Thomas Guidy

Skipping? Ya....that would definatley scare the customers off. Somehow I can't picture myself getting out of my truck and skipping around a construction job site as I pick up their debris container.


hahaha dad youre great :)


I recommend skipping...it is impossible to skip without smiling (or laughing out loud!)


I would definitely do #2 and I am sure James has pulled #5 on me before, though he denies it...


my favorite Number #12!YES!

Mike & Gin

we've done #8 a few times. it's hilarious
when the server says "we don't have diet
water" and then realizes what we've said.
they're all tooo funny!

teresa skelley

This was TOO FUNNY!!
i may have to try #1. :-)


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